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As a psychologist Sterre Ferf has professional experience in counseling (business) people with various conditions like concentration problems, (work) stress, burn-out, depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. She works with people to achieve more calmness, acceptance, self-esteem, happiness, balance, vitality, choice making and better performance. 
She loves to see people grow and becoming more joyful. Her approach is pragmatic and as a coach she is down-to-earth, emphatic, clear and conscientious.


A counseling program usually involves:

  • An intake: to define your questions and goals
  • A reliable, professional, psychological test that matches your question. The outcome provides valuable insights to work with
  • Coaching sessions in which you will be challenged and supported and so that you will gain new insights and practical tools to take steps towards your goals. Also you will learn how to manage your pitfalls and optimise your strengths.


Independent individuals (incl. VAT)

  • Intake and sessions: € 89,- (50 minutes)
  • Tests, customised, normally € 89,-

For people with smaller incomes (up to 25% above minimum wage) Sterre applies a discount rate of € 70,- per session.

For freelancers the rate is € 89,- per session excl. VAT (21%)

For businesses the rate is € 120,- per session excl. VAT (21%)

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