That first blogpost

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao-Tzu


Hi there,

So, here we go, I am stoked to share topics and thoughts with you here from now on. When I am inspired or touched by articles, interviews and docu’s that I come across. It may be about a conference that I went to, scientific research findings in my field of expertise or just a take away from an inspiring yoga intensive… Be ready to receive book tips, project updates, background info about methods that I work with, ideas and the like. Of course all related to yoga, mindfulness and work/health psychology.

Hopefully this place becomes some sort of guide on personal development and wellbeing. A collection of information that sparks you to create a fulfilling, healthy (work)life and improve the relationship with yourself and others… And please interact; Let me know your reaction, request or any questions that might bubble up whilst reading.

May you be inspired and walk some steps of the journey with me. You are welcome!

Best, Sterre

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