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‘Maximise Your Potential’ workshops Surfana Festival

Dear all,

yes its happening, my long time friends from Surfana and I are working together again! At upcoming Surfana Festival my friend and facilitator Sanne Vermeij and I will be offering three workshops on how to ‘Maximise Your Potential’. In this inspirational session we will guide you in the discovery of your personal qualities and you learn what it is to live from those qualities. Research has shown that knowing your own unique strengths and consciously applying them can make you feel happier and more vital. Also it is known to increase mental resilience and improve performance.

In the workshop we make use of various evidence-based tools and techniques from the field of Positive Psychology. Also we have developed a nice little workbook. So that you will leave this workshop not only with more self-knowlege and inspiration, but also with practical tools and take-aways for your everyday life!

‘The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are’
– Carl Jung –

I got my inspiration for this workshop from my years of experience as a Work & Health psychologist at Balans & Impuls. Where I coached a broad variety of people with work related problems and career questions. Also I have drawn from the course ‘Vitale mensen in een Vitale organisatie’ (by truly inspiring Marjolein Punt) that I completed in 2015. And certainly the congress on Positive Psychology by Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen (NIP) that I attended in 2016 influenced me. I remember clearly the impressive presentation by professor Paul Gilbert from the Compassionate Mind foundation.

It would be my great pleasure to welcome you at one of the Maximise You Potential workshops (only €5!) at Surfana Festival 2019. If you cannot make it, yet are interested in collaborating some other time… Please let me know or check out other events and retreats coming up.

With love ♡
Namaste, Sterre