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Hi there, did you know that yoga, mindfulness and counseling are powerful methods for positive change and transformation? They can make a profound and sustainable impact on improving your life. Whether you want to sleep better, are looking for more energy and vitality, are longing for direction, more contentment or simply wish to enjoy life better….It can be realised. Sterre makes use of modern- and ancient traditions in empowering people to manifest more of their potentiality. It is her mission to contribute to a better world through supporting people to find more peace and strength within themselves. As a result they can be better caretakers. First and foremost of themselves and consequently they will be better parents, partners, employees, and so on.

As a psychologist Sterre is specialised in work and health. She works with people on career development, work-related issues, coping with self and others and life questions. Goals like increasing assertiveness, self-awareness, self-acceptance and discovering key-qualities are often heard. Sometimes complaints like concentration problems, stress, burn-out, trauma, depression or maybe grief are the motivation to start up a program.

Relief from psychological struggle comes in understanding yourself better, knowing what self-support you need and learning how to apply the techniques to build towards balance and personal growth. That creates choices and allows you to move on to experiencing more stability, happiness, satisfaction and focus. More than developing some kind of ‘persona’ striving towards something, Sterre beliefs its actually more a matter of letting go, and becoming and embracing what you already are.

The bad news? Its a lifelong journey! The good news? You can take steps every day and improve your navigation so that it becomes a smoother expedition. Learn more about Sterre and the methods and services that she works with to train and support you!